Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Here We Go! . . . But Why?

ANOTHER WEDDING BLOG? Really? Seriously? WHY?!

Well...that is a fair question! It really is. There are tons of fabulous wedding blogs out there in cyberspace. I am a wedding blog junkie myself. My intention is not to compete with my predecessors, but only to add to their work.
I am a newlywed living in Montgomery, Alabama. I have a great friend (see blog here) who is currently planning a wedding in this wonderful city (that we love!). During our conversations, brain storming sessions, g-chatting rants, link sending mania, and all that jazz, we quickly came to realize that river region wedding planning is not easy.
The goal of this blog is to INSPIRE & INFORM you brides in the area (and all weddling lovers). I will be highlighting vendors all over the river region and beyond. We will discover people, places, and things that you will LOVE for your wedding.
I hope you will stay tuned, spread the word, and let me know of any vendors in the area that you love!


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