Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Auburn Bride: Kate

Meet Kate.

Kate is a sweet friend of mine and she is marrying another great friend of ours named Jack! They are the cutest couple ever and they just ooze with joy and fun! Jack was sweet enough to let us in a little during his ring shopping and proposal planning. It was so fun to see him glow with love and excitement. Jack and Kate are getting married March 26, 2011 in Auburn, AL. Can I get a War Eagle??

Check out the great vendors they are using:

Rehearsal Dinner: Auburn University Alumni Center
Hotel: Hotel at Auburn University and Dixon Conference Center
Caterer: Terra Cotta Catering- Billy Lee (334-821-3656)
Ring: Charlotte's Jewlery, Sales accociate- Autumn
Organist: Dr. Bruce Murray (professor of reading education at AU!)
Dress: Priscilla of Boston (Ivory Silk Faille)
Bridesmaids: Priscilla of Boston Vineyard Collection (pewter floor length crinkle chiffon)
Wedding Photographer: Alea Moore Photography (whoop whooooop!!!! Alea did my wedding photos too. She and Kim are super fabulously creative and wonderful and fun)
Engagement Photographer: Little Acorn Photography (Remember them from our first feature post??! Love them!)
Invitations: Fine Stationery
Flowers: Village Floral
Key Colors: Pewter and cream with hints of peachy-orange

Q&A with Kate...

How did you choose to get married in Auburn?
Auburn is the ideal location for our wedding. We met and fell in love as undergrads at AU and absolutely adore the campus and town. St. Michael's Church is where my parents were married in 1984. I am close to my priest there and felt strongly about having the ceremony officiated by him. Auburn is also the half way point between Newnan (my hometown) and Montgomery (Jack's hometown). I always knew I would get married in Auburn!

What has been your favorite part about planning a wedding?
The details. I am finding ways to add a little quirkiness to the reception while keeping it traditional and classy. There are so many DIY options to make your reception more unique and personal to your individual personality! I am having fun scoping out websites and antique shops to find little items that will add some fun to the party.

What is one sneak peak fun detail you can give us about your wedding?
We have a fun travel theme that will show up everywhere from the save-the-dates all the way to the guest favors!

What has been the toughest part about planning so far?
BUDGET and timing. Of course budget is barely a word in my family's vocabulary anymore because it is a total "runaway train" as my mother would like to call it. She has a "whatever" attitude about it now because whatever you think things will cost, go ahead and tack on about 30% more! It is so hard to think that allllll that money is for 1 night; however, it is going to be the best night of my life! So it is going to be worth it. I am also the oldest and only girl so I definitely have that working in my favor!
The timing has been a little bit of an issue as well. Our engagement is 7 months long (which I thought was average, but apparently not). Booking vendors had to be done ASAP because some couples are engaged for 2+ years, making it impossible for brides like me who don't have all that time to get vendors. I was extremely lucky to book most of my top choice vendors! But I am certain that if we had waited even a few weeks later, they would have been all booked up before we could call them! Also the time is flying by and there seems to be so much to do, but in so little time!
I am very glad that we aren't having a super long engagement because I am so ready to be a wife!

Enjoy these photos of Kate, Jack and the rinnggg!

How cute are they, seriously? Y'all be on the look out for some more details about their wedding festivities in the coming weeks and months!

In the meantime...check out their wedding website!

Warrrrr Eagle, Hey!

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