Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tid Bit #1- Make Lists!

I am occasionally going to throw random "Tid Bits" of advice out there to you brides/future brides/MOBs/bridesmaids/wedding lovers.

My first one is something I learned while planning my own wedding last year.

What is it you ask??


Ok Ok Ok...I am not the best at making a neat, readable, sensible list, but I HAVE to make a list or nothing will get done. If you are like me, you like that feeling of crossing something off. It makes you feel like you are actually getting somewhere in the overwhelming wedding planning process.

Some of my Mom and my lists looked like this...

This is actually very neat for us. Most of our lists were random words written at every angle all over a notepad. But hey, we did it!

However YOU do lists, just do it! It will be nearly impossible to get through planning a wedding without knowing what you have done and what is left.

Here are some ideas of lists to make/work on: guest list (duh), thank you notes, flower ideas, vendors to contact, shower plans, bridesmaid things (dresses, shoes, jewelry, etc...), any DIY materials to purchase...

These are just a few very basic thing. I know you are probably yawning right now, but seriously, any time something pops in to your head about the wedding or events surrounding the wedding, WRITE IT DOWN. :) ... Right Mom?

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MomMom said...

Yes, sweet Em, you are right!!
I laughed at one of our lists today - the one
for the last week!