Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tid Bit #2- Have a HELPER!

Like Luke from Little Acorn Photography suggested, having a reliable "helper" during the wedding planning process is priceless. Every single bride needs someone they can count on to help them with planning, stressing, list making (hehe), meetings, etc... Whether this is your mother, your sister, your Maid of Honor, a friend, a roommate, or a professional wedding planner, find someone to be your right hand man!

I will be the 1st to admit, without my Mom, there is a good chance that BJ (the husband) and I would have had to elope. She literally booked the church 30 minutes after we got engaged and had some quality to-do lists going from day 1. She always pointed me in the right direction when my head was spinning or when I was trying to make a silly decision :) She awed as I tried on wedding gowns, Oh and she literally picked out the bridesmaid dresses. I was convinced it was a bad idea to put my girls in strapless dresses, but Mom found one that was just perfect and I could not say no! (Thank you beautiful designer Jenny Yoo). The main thing is, she was always right. She could often see the big picture that I could not. She made things happen and happen smoothly!

So, ladies, find someone you can rely on. Someone that loves you and loves to plan. Someone that can handle a little stress and knows your style. Someone that won't be afraid to tell you no and won't be afraid to tell you that you are THE most beautiful girl in the world.

Look at my beautiful helper in the picture at the top...followed by a picture of the rest of my team of helpers (my sisters and nieces)!!

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Camilla Deeter said...

We love to be helpers.