Thursday, August 19, 2010

River Region Bride: Elizabeth

Meet Elizabeth.
Elizabeth is a dear, dear friend of mine who just so happens to be a River Region bride. She is currently planning her wedding for this fall. It has been so fun to be in on some of the plans and to watch her go through this process. She loves cute little details so y'all get ready to be blown away! She has some really great ideas that have made me occasionally reconsider decisions I made for my own wedding! Dang! Haha, basically she is extremely creative and I think y'all are going to LOVE the way her fabulous fall affair turns out.

Quick facts:
Wedding Date- November 20, 2010
Reception- 129 Coosa Street
Rehearsal Dinner- Capital City Club
Dress- Mother's wedding dress altered at Tang's
Cake- Brenda's Bakery (334-365-0191)
Flowers- Barbara Haisten (my Mother-in-Law!)
Bridesmaid Dresses- J.Crew
Invitations- Crane & Co. purchased at Richardson's Pharmacy (334-262-5775)
Photographer- Meagan Gibson
Key Colors- Yellow and Grey (with hints of gold, silver, and white)

Elizabeth and her fiance, Evan in Maine!

Another cute shot of the happy couple!

Elizabeth and I on my wedding day last November! Our wedding dates are exactly a year apart (well plus/minus one day...11.21.09 and 11.20.10)! Ok Ok Ok we both choose the Auburn football off sue us...we care about football....we live in the South...and we mainly just LOVE AUBURN. War Eagle. Ok wow.

Elizabeth's fabbbbulous ring that was passed down by her grandmother!

Admiring the gorgeous antique bling.

So, ladies and gents (if there are any out there), be ready for some more details from Elizabeth's wedding coming up! I know they are so excited to become husband and wife and I just cannot wait to witness it. Cheers to Eliz and Ev!
PS Check out she and her sister's awesome cooking blog HERE.


Elizabeth and Sarah Reynolds said...

You are the sweetest friend!! Love you!!

connie said...

Love,love,love it Emily. Great job-Connie Riddle

Emily said...

Em, so great! love the blog.